Friday, January 25, 2013

01/25/13 Friday Watchlist

Wed & Thur: +$140
Cumulative Gains: -$190
I started with a new $2k account on 01/15/12; I will try to grow to $20k by end of tax season.

Market: $SPY still breaking out as it continues to squeeze. Be bullish w/ breakouts and bearish to the tops of technical breakouts. There are alot of stuff that are breaking out due to the market squeeze/breakout, so there will be a lot of good tops to short.

I have been playing small positions to feel out this strange market b/o. Buying is not my strength so I play small. But any things that had been breaking out are starting to top, so its time to be a little more aggressive again with these technical spikes as they top.

JVA (I am long 7.28 swing) - is consolidating and I will still hold until it fails 7.75/8.0 supp zone.

CBMX - bounced to retest 4.20. since it's Friday, we could see a squeeze to revive 4.20 supp before it patterns for a massive squeeze. upside to 6.20

*CIMT - downside to 5. will likely fade today, watch for morning panic.

KERX - i nailed this short at 3.74. its bouncing off trendline supp but i think it could panic thru it today if it doesnt squeeze thru 3.66

AVTC - is hitting new highs but I will wait for the 7.0 b/o

QTM - pure technical b/o set-up. watch for 1.41 b/o and 1.50 b/o. upside to 1.7

TC - watching it pattern for a 4.50 b/o, but I may front run it on a dip towards 4.25. this could hit 5.5+ if it b/o 4.5. A potential short on a failed b/o

GV - has downside to key supp at 2.4. first red day but i think it will bounce around for a while so potential short next week

SGMO - has downside to key supp at 6.7. first red day but i think it will bounce around for a while so potential short next week

MJNA- just watching them repattern. i will wait for it to b/o 0.20 since its facing too much res.

SWVI - potential buy. has lots of supp underneath but no play until it either: (1) breakouts 0.30 or (2) big dips again to bounce off or bounce under EMA50/200-daily.

*Morning panic watch.

gl. peace

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