Wednesday, January 9, 2013

01/09/13 Wednesday Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $23k (+1150% wrt cash, +190% wrt initial buying power). My system is sick!
Monday: +$2.5k
January: +$4k

Market: $SPY is bullish but still over-extended from ~144.4 so it could consolidate more. I will gauge the market and trade accordingly.


CTIX (pump) - I sold my 1.93 at 2.10 as market was consolidating but it kept pushing against the market and hit 2.20 and could spike more today. No play for me as it is midrange now.

NWTR (pump) - this and FARE dumped yesterday but i don't think this will bounce much given the chart pattern. It's holding 0.55 so it may try to bounce there but not sure it will rebound.

FARE (pump) - dumped yesterday and I completely nailed my +50% short at 0.319 and covered at 0.160. This massively panic is predictable by my system. But since it held above EMA20, i don't think its over yet. The promoters are still sending out emails so I may buy this as a big dip buyer and play the bounce. Supp at 0.153

FREE - I love the spread on this stock. I will look to short it eventually, but I may buy the 0.44 breakout if it morning spikes today

CHLO (pump) - eventually a good short

PPHM - i am watching this for a possible morning panic because vol seems to be drying. It could drop 25cents quickly.

AVTC (pump)- could morning panic 50cents or more.

BION (pump)- I am letting this pattern for a short entry. It will dump eventually and I will try to predict the dumpage after it patterns.

MWIP (pump) - is a subpenny but is liquid enough for me. this will dump eventually.

Swing Plays
RIMM - I sold my swing position because it can't seem to hold above 12. I will rebuy when it closes above 12.03
JVA - I am watching it pattern for a possible run-up above EMA50-wkly in anticipation of it closing above the EMA by end of week, which is confirmation that it will spike next week.

Be bullish. peace.

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