Tuesday, January 8, 2013

01/08/13 Tuesday Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $20k (+1000% wrt cash, +167% wrt initial buying power). My system is sick!
Monday: -$28
January: +$1,480

Market: $SPY is bullish so I will be bullish. The market consolidated yesterday as it tests supp at 145.5 near 52wk high. The market is over-extended on the daily chart as it tries to hold its gains. I expect a green day if the market continues its strength with vol but be prepared for a pullback to 144.4 supp esp if vol fades.


CTIX (pump) - I bought this at market open at 1.93 and am holding for 30-50cents. It perked up all day against market consolidation, so I expect it to spike today if the market spikes.

HEB - bought this at 0.271 and it spikes to 0.29 where I woulda sold but I had computer/internet problems and missed the exit so I am sswing it til today.

GTIM - mm held it up above key supp at 2.74 so it could spike today with the market

NWTR (pump) - turned to be a good short at the market open yesterday as it dipped nearly 30cents to EMA13. I may buy the botttom is the market looks strong.

BION (pump)- dipped yesterday and bottomed. I may enter today to swing it back to its highs if the market is strong today and the rest of the week.

FARE - is starting to get over-extended so watch for a top. its a potential big dip buy near EMA13-daily

Swing Plays
RIMM - i bought at 12.03 and am holding if the market spikes today.

FB - turned out to be the better play. shoulda held my pm buy at 28.72, I planned to rebuy at market open but I had technical issues. no play now that its midrange.

JVA - Technical issues caused me to miss my entry at 7.3 supp before it perked up thru EMA50-wkly, which is all it needs to hold above by the end of the week for a nice run next week or possibly this week.

Other Pumps on Alert
Before dip buys, these are also scalpable shorts as they dip if the r/r is good.

AMBS - wait for a big dip buy near EMA13

USGT - wait for a big dip buy near EMA13

Be bullish. peace.

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  1. CTIX you nailed it ... nice trade Fare is 0.32 now I had entered on 0.16 I wish I could have hold my half of the position he hehe anyways greed is ugly I am happy with my decision