Sunday, January 6, 2013

01/07/13 Monday Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $20k (+1000% wrt cash, +167% wrt initial buying power). My system is sick!
Friday: +$470
January: +$1,510

Market: $SPY is as bullish as ever! for three reasons: (1) Fiscal Cliff deal as catalyst; (2) January Effect (tax-loss selling buy back); and (3) the first quarter of the year tends to be bullish when the market is stable. We may be entering one of the most bullish periods ever imo. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to be shorting anything aggressively. Buy buy buy and only short when the market big dips (the only exception of course are pumps). And its definitely PUMP season, and you should be buying them and short scalping them as I don't see any pumps ending soon. SN: 4Q earnings season begins this week, so I will be adding some earnings winners to my watchlist if I find any good charts.


Note: Never blindly buy a big dip, look for the bottom near the probable support (learn how to buy bottoms).

CTIX (pump) - this is my #1 squeeze play on watch with plenty of upside (the sky is the limit). shorts are gonna be aggressive becuaes there is alot of chatter about it being a scam. I love it when shorts get sucked into shorting a breakout only to make it run even more as they are forced to cover. Just needs to breakout EMA7-daily and we are good to go. I am watching 1.9 for entry.

HEB - I am watching this for a Monday morning spike for a quick dead cat bounce play.

GTIM - is financially growing and is spiking on double news. I see a round 2 with upside to 5. supp at 2.74

NWTR (pump) - closed weak eod so it could morning panic for a dip buy near EMA7-daily

BION (pump)- could squeeze soon with upside to prev high. I am waiting for it to b/o EMA7

Swing Plays
RIMM - is a 2-time earnings winner that is rebounding. It will explode any day now so i will be looking to swing it when it breaks out 12. I want to swing it for $1-2/share

FB - looks to be heading towards its ipo price after its 3Q earnings win. I will look to buy a dip towards 28 supp during premarket as I since it could morning spike esp if $SPY morning spikes. I want to swing it to 30s.

JVA - I am watching this closely for an entry near supp at 7.3 if it patterns properly. This stock could turn into a monster breakout soon. All it needs to do this weak is breakout close the week above EMA50-weekly, then its a very probable monster breakout.

Other Pumps on Alert
Before dip buys, these are also scalpable shorts as they dip if the r/r is good.

FARE - wait for a big dip buy near EMA7-daily

AMBS - wait for a big dip buy near EMA13

USGT - wait for a big dip buy near EMA13

Be bullish. peace.

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